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An illustration is a picture of one or multiple characters in an environment that affects their pose and their shading. Characters are slightly more detailed, in more dynamic angles and/or interacting with the background. There may or may not be an elaborated background.

Product will be ready in: 1 - 2 weeks 

Illustration Type A: Photoshoot

eros cupid mythology hell wine heart valentine

One or more characters posing as if they were in a photo shoot. Background is limited to one or two colors, or transparent.



One character

+65 per extra character

Starting at

Illustration Type B: Environment

Oddworld Abe's Oddysee abe fanart digital art commission
League of legends journey to the west wukong pig ahri master yi ionia beach

One or more characters in any pose that interacts with a background and multiple light sources.


One character and background

+65 per extra character


Starting at


Click to enlarge and see their worth

Prices are per 1 full body or most body character. 
For a bust up only commission, there will be a 25% discount to the total amount.


  • By sending a commission request, you confirm that you have read and agreed with the Customer Agreement.

  • Please send an e-mail to with the subject "Illustration Commission" 

  • Indicate which type of illustration you're looking for.

  • Provide a brief description of the character's personality as well as the idea for a pose and background.

  • Please attach one or multiple visual references for the request. The character needs its own visual reference; but the background, pose, or outfit may be illustrated with stock photos or other references as examples that represent the idea, along with a brief explanation.

  • If a character doesn't have a visual reference it would count as Character Design, in which case there will be an additional fee and will require a Character mood board.

  • When the artist approves the commission, they will send an invoice through paypal to the customer. After the payment has been made, the commission process will begin.

The artist will refuse the commission request in case of:

  • Not Safe For Work art

  • Realism or any other drastic change in art style

  • Hate themes against a specific group

  • Extreme violence

  • Overly detailed backgrounds

  • Lack of visual references or excess of text

Customr Agree

Customer agreement

The customer confirms the final product will not be used for revenue, but for personal use only.

The artist may post the final product in social media for portfolio or advertising purposes. In case the customer wants to keep the artwork private, please indicate so in the e-mail.

The customer may use the product as part of content creation (headers, banners, live streams, websites, etc) as long as proper credit is given. 

The customer will receive two versions of their finished product: One with the artist's watermark, and the other without watermark. The customer has the right to upload the watermarked product in their own social media if desired, as long as proper credit is given. (@Gaelrice,


  • A full refund is possible if the commission is cancelled before it's started.

  • In case of cancellation after the sketch is done, the customer will be refunded 50% of the price.

  • In case of cancellation after the sketch process (Lineart or color), there will be no refunds.


  • The artist keeps all the rights to their works.

  • For the prices listed, under no circumstances shall the product itself be used for revenue. (merch, prints, NFTs, Patreon rewards, etc.) 

  • Use for merchandise:

    • Indie merch is allowed for an extra 150% of the final product's cost. 

    • Permission must be asked ahead of time.

    • Royalties are not required.

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