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Character Sheets

You have a character that has been drawn before, but need a clear chart for future reference? This product may be for you.

Product will be ready in: 2 - 3 weeks

Front and back view

batz ref.jpg


  • Front and back views of the character in flat color.

  • A simple color palette

  • Measuring lines if the customer requests it.


Reference Sheet

Lucas Ref.jpg


  • Front and back views of the character in flat colors

  • Basic color palette

  • Brief information about the character

  • Two head shots: 3/4 and profile

  • Front view with extra outfit

  • 1 prop (close up of objects or specific parts, ex. teeth, scars, nails, etc)

  • Layout can be customized


Extra outfits: +20$ (Only front view)

Extra props: +15$ (May increase depending on level of detail)

Example above is worth 260$

Turn Around


A turn around sheet is for animation and modeling purposes, therefore the character is drawn in a neutral "A" pose, or "T" pose.

60$ per avatar


  • By sending a commission request, you confirm that you have read and agreed with this page's Customer Agreement.

  • Please send an e-mail to with the subject "Character sheet commission" 

  • Please indicate which type of character sheet you're looking for.

  • Provide visual references of your character.

  • In case your character is being drawn for the first time, you'll be charged extra for a character design fee. In which case please include:

    • A description of the character's looks, the world they live in, and their personality. Keep in mind that English is not the artist's first language. When you describe through text, please keep it simplified.

    • Please attach a character mood board  (More info below)

    • AI generated reference is accepted, but the mood board is still needed.

    • The artist is willing to make any changes to the initial sketches and color palettes if necessary, so don't be afraid to communicate!

  • When the artist approves the commission, they will send an invoice through Paypal to the customer. After the payment has been made, the commission process will begin.

The artist will refuse the commission request in case of:

  • Not Safe For Work art*

  • Realism or any other drastic change in art style

  • Hate themes or stereotypes against a specific group

  • Extreme violence

  • Plagiarism

  • Lack of visual references or excess of text

*Partial nudity is allowed , but genitals and female nipples shall remain censored.

Character Design

Character Design

Is your character being drawn for the first time?  This service will bring them to life through your description.

ref roka.png

Character Design


Collage of referncs

Character mood board:
How to describe your character

  • A character mood board is a collection of images, mainly real life stock photos so the artist can visualize your idea easier along with your description. The mood board should include all sorts of examples, maybe no less than 10 pictures.

  • The pictures may be for example type of hair, type of face, eye color, clothing references, type of shoes; in case of anthro characters, the species, in case of armor, etc. Anything you can come up with is accepted.

  • Remember to keep it safe for work!

  • There's a chance the artist may need more references, so please always be willing to look for more if necessary.

  • Screenshots of animated shows, existing artwork, or AI generated images are accepted, but real life is preferred. This is to avoid the artist to be excessively influenced by a different design, or accidental plagiarism.

Character mood board example:

Final character

Reference for references

Character design examples

Customer agreennbt

Customer agreement

The customer confirms the final product will be used for personal use only.

The artist may post the final product in social media for portfolio or advertising purposes. In case the customer wants to keep the artwork private, please indicate so in the e-mail.

The customer will receive one watermarked high quality version of the product. The customer has the right to upload the product in their own social media if desired, as long as proper credit is given. (@Gaelrice,


  • A full refund is possible if the commission is cancelled before it's started.

  • In case of cancellation after the sketch is done, the customer will be refunded 50% of the price.

  • In case of cancellation after the sketch process (Lineart or color), there will be no refunds.


  • The artist keeps all the rights to the specific character sheet work made by them.

  • Under no circumstances shall the product itself be used for revenue, or resold. (merch, prints, NFTs, Patreon rewards, etc.)

  • The rights to the design itself may be sold as an adoptable, but the character sheet still belongs to GaelRice.

  • The product itself may be used as reference for future projects.

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