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Art Commissions


It's time!

Pride Month


Character Art

Simplified characters, few shading, no background.



Characters interacting with a background / light sources.


Character Sheet

Personalized designs, turn around, reference sheets.


Vtuber Assets

Live2D Vtuber Avatars

Art and/or Rig



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Emojis, icons and animation loops!

SkellyJunW.gif (7).gif




  • Prices listed are USD currency

  • Payment through PayPal only.

  • The customer shall wait until the artist sends them an invoice in order to send the payment.

  • The commission process starts once the payment has been made.

  • For orders over 200$ the customer may pay half of the price up front, and the rest after the sketch has been approved.

The Process

  • The customer contacts the artist via e-mail with the necessary instructions and visual references.

  • When the artist approves the commission, they will send an invoice through PayPal to the customer. 

  • After the payment has been made, the commission process will begin. The artist will then begin to work on the product. The artist shall remain in contact with the customer in case of questions or specifications.

  • When the sketch phase is done, the artist will provide the customer with a rough preview of the product. Now the costumer has the chance to ask for corrections, edits, and make sure the product is as accurate as possible. 

  • Once the sketch is approved by the customer, the artist will then continue with the lineart of the product. In case of the payment being split in half, this is the moment the customer shall pay the remaining amount of the payment.

  • When the lineart is finished, the artist will provide the customer with a preview of the work in progress. Minimal edits can still be made with no extra charge.​

  • When the lineart is approved, the artist will continue on with the remaining of the work until finished. The artist may still contact the customer for indications if necessary.

  • By the time the product is finished, the artist will provide a preview of it to the customer for approval. At this point the product can be edited if necessary, but it will take an extra charge depending on the difficulty.

  • Once approved by the costumer, the artist will provide the high quality version of the product.



  • A full refund is possible if the commission is cancelled before it's started.

  • In case of cancellation after the sketch is done, the customer will be refunded 50% of the price.

  • In case of cancellation after the sketch process (Lineart or color), there will be no refunds.


  • The artist keeps all the rights to their works.

  • Any work may be uploaded on social media by the artist for advertisement or portfolio use.

  • The customer may use the product as part of content creation (headers, banners, live streams, websites, etc) as long as proper credit is given. 

  • For the prices listed, under no circumstances shall the product itself be used for revenue. (merch, prints, NFTs, Patreon rewards, etc.) 

  • Use for merchandise: Indie merch is allowed for an extra cost. Royalties are not required.

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