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About the Artist

Who's GaelRice?


My name is G.Rizo, but my friends may call me Gabe. I'm a freelance artist and animator from Mexico. I speak English, Spanish and French fluently and I have basic knowledge of music theory and singing.

I graduated from high school in 2013, then studied music theory in CUAAD, Universidad de Guadalajara, from 2013 to 2016. After that, I learned the basics of animation in Universidad de Artes Digitales from 2017 to 2019.

Life as a Freelance Artist

My first achievement as an artist was having a semi-popular blog on Tumblr (2013-2015) with over 14,000 followers, where I roleplayed as the fictional character Sun Wukong. This experience helped me get commissions and donations, so I started making money as an artist for the first time. 


My second milestone was my Youtube channel (2016-Ongoing), where I made fan animations of an indie videogame "UNDERTALE". My most popular video, "Fishy Love" has reached up to 12 million views, followed by "The Hero" with over 5 million views. This experience made it possible for me to make money independently and afford to go to university for a few years.

In May 2021 I joined the Vtuber community as JunChuen Batz, Mexican Monkey Vtuber! I stream on weekends around noon CST, and so far have reached 1k followers on Twitch!


In October 8th 2023, I have released

an album about my own struggles with depression. The music was composed and performed by yours truly in my home studio.

My current projects


In 2021 I managed to start my passion project: My original comic "My Companion Roka". So far there are five chapters available for free on Webtoons and Tapas, and they can be purchased in high quality on my store.

"The Seeds Just Stick To You... Part 2"


Another passion project of mine has been yet another fan animation of the indie videogame "UNDERTALE". This short will be 20 minutes long, making it my most ambitious project to date. It started production in 2018, and my goal is to finally release it in 2022


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