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Vtuber Avatar 

GaelRice is able to bring your Vtuber to life through 2D artwork and Live2D rig. By ordering both art and rig services, you'll get a 10% discount.

Product will be ready in: 2 - 4 weeks (per service)








The prices are subject to change depending on the design and the number of  props, accessories and physics. 

The base price for both the avatar art and the Live2D rig includes 3  simple expressions. 


If the customer wishes to add animations to the avatar (waving, winking, dancing, etc), please let the artist know ahead of time. The rig may require extra work, which could be charged. 


  • By sending a commission request, you confirm that you have read and agreed with the Customer Agreement.

  • Please send an e-mail to with the subject "Vtuber Avatar Commission" 

  • Please indicate which service you're looking for; either art, rig or both.

  • Please attach one or multiple visual references of the character.

  • If a character doesn't have a visual reference it would count as Character Design, in which case there will be an additional fee of 80$ and will require a Character mood board.

  • When the artist approves the commission, they will send an invoice through PayPal to the customer. After the payment has been made, the commission process will begin.

  • For both rig and art services, the artist will provide the customer a weekly  preview of the work in progress for better service.

The artist will refuse the commission request in case of:

  • Designs that don't follow Twitch and YouTube's guidelines.

  • Realism or any other drastic change in art style

  • Hate themes or stereotypes against a specific group

  • Extreme violence  

  • Plagiarism

Customer agreement

The artist may post the final product in social media for portfolio or advertising purposes. 

The customer may use the product as long as proper credit is given. 

Avatar art:

  • The customer will receive a high quality PSD file of the avatar with each moveable object separated into layers ready to be rigged.

  • If required, minimal changes or edits can be made to the final product with no extra charge.

Live2D Rig

  • The customer will receive a ZIP archive including the necessary files to run the Vtuber avatar in Vtube Studio. (Texture atlas, expressions folder, animations folder,  .moc3 , .cdi3.json , .model3.json, .physics3.json).

  • If required, minimal changes or edits can be made to the final product with no extra charge.

  • For rigging someone else's avatar art, the artist requires the PSD file with all the necessary objects separated into layers.

If the customer ordered both services, they will be given all the files mentioned including the PSD file. 


  • A full refund is possible if the commission is cancelled before it's started.

Avatar Art

  • In case of cancellation after the sketch is done, the customer will be refunded 90% of the price.

  • In case of cancellation after the sketch process (Lineart or color), there will be no refunds.

Live2D Rig

  • Refunds are not available if the rig process has been started. The artist will let the customer know when the process will begin in case of last minute cancellation.


  • The artist keeps all the rights to their works.

  • Under no circumstances shall the product itself (the full avatar files) be resold in any way. (merch, prints, NFTs, Patreon rewards, etc.)

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6 Months Warranty

  • In case of bugs, file corruption, missing features, etc. the artist will remain available for edits on the product, both Avatar Art and Live2D Rig for no extra cost.

  • The six months span begins when the product has been delivered to the customer.

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